Three days in Yogyakarta

Oh boy time flies! I can remember my dad booking our trip a couple of months ago, and look at us now. We’re already back from our major trip. We’ve spend 3 weeks in Asia and it felt like a day! Maybe because of our busy schedule, maybe because it was so much fun.

So the first island we visited was Java. After a 13 hour flight we landed in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. We decided not to visit Jakarta and flew immediately to Yogyakarta. This is where we met Three our guide for the upcoming week. He waited for us outside of the airport of Yogyakarta. What a pleasant man. I don’t think we could’ve gotten a better guide. He knew so much about Indonesia and the different places we’ve visited together. All the jokes he made, after a day he even felt more like our friend than our guide.

So after we met, he brought us to our first hotel:

Sofitel Phoenix in Yogykarta

Ofcourse I was very excited to sleep in a Sofitel by Accor! It did meet my expectations. Our room was beautiful, the staff was so friendly and helping. And ofcourse the pool. We were only 15 minutes in our hotel and couldn’t resist not jumping in the pool for a night swim. The pool was heated and after those flights it felt so good to move my legs haha!

The pool by night
Mie Goreng

Three advised us not to eat on the streets because we were not used to food like that and would get sick. So we went to Madame Tan across the street. Our first experience with the Asian food. I was very nervous, I don’t like a lot of food and am very picky about this. But that food was good and cheap! I had the fried fish and mie goreng. Pretty good so far. We ate and drank (beers & soda) with 6 persons for €30 !! Can you even imagine.

The next day we visited the Sultan’s Palace and the Water Castle in Yogya. I liked the Water Castle (Taman sari) the most. Don’t get me wrong, the Palace was beautiful but not as impressive I guess. It was very simple and we didn’t get a chance to look at the golden room. But I liked the Water Castle and it’s surroundings.


Maybe I just loved it because I bought a fresh coconut for only a couple cents! True love!

We also took local transport to the Castle, Riksja’s. That was so much fun, my “driver” was adorable and tried talking to me in English all the time to talk about the streets and things we passed. So we took a selfie together hahah! I wish we took Riksja’s all the time but we had our own van with airconditioning, so not that bad at all 😉

That night we walked around in the famous Malioboro street. Which Obama did a couple days before us. Not my type of shopping, but it was an experience seeing it and surviving the night without getting hit by a motorcycle or horsecar! If you’ve been there, you have a really good idea of what I mean.


On our way to Malioboro we passed Roaster and Bear. I read a lot about this place online and remembered they made little bears in their cappuccino’s. As a coffeelover I couldn’t not go in and try them. We also had dessert. The food was awfully good and look at the coffee! I have never been so happy in my life as that night haha. (Watch me say this in every post haha )

After a good night of sleep we visited the biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur. It was impressive. I am a fan of Buddhism and Hinduism so I enjoyed visiting this temple.

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. If you decide to visit Indonesia, make sure you always look flawless. Not only for your own pictures but for all the pictures of you that will end up online, and yes they will. Apparently a lot of Indonesian people have never seen a white person before, so the whole three weeks we got photographed and followed everywhere we went. In the beginning it was fun and we laughed the whole time but after a couple of hours it wasn’t really anymore and I felt like a zoo animal. Because when we visited Prambanan they did not only take pictures without asking, they also laughed at us.. not fun. But most of the people asked us friendly if we wanted to pose with them and thanked us. I did not mind them at all! 🙂

So Prambanan, I liked this temple even more than Borobudur. This temple was more ease, not that many people like on Borobudur and I like the architecture more. Maybe because it is a Hinduism temple, and I prefer Hinduism.


Ohhh, I almost forgot to tell you! I did something really awesome that day. I don’t know if you are familiar with Kopi Luwak? Well I was. Kopi Luwak is the most expensive and some even say, the best coffee in the world. I knew this coffee was from Java so I asked Three if he knew any places that sell the real deal and if it was any good. He said it was really good and said he would take us there. Kopi Luwak is so expensive because the Luwak (cat like animal) eats the coffee berries and poops the coffee bean out, people go searching for them and make coffee out of them. It sounds gross, but boy that was a good cup of coffee!

As you may have noticed, I can talk on and on about our days in Yogyakarta but after three days our time here was over. We took the morning train to Mojokerto and continued our trip from there on. More about this soon!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Love, Eva


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