The city of colors

So where did we leave off? Yes, our morning train to Mojokerto! Three arranged a trainride for us since they say it passes the prettiest views of Java. The trainride would take 4 hours and we would ride executive. #ohyeah.

After a rather short night we packed our evening bags and got on the train. Luckily I was smart enough to pack a sweater — The weather in Yogyakarta was not that bad, it was pretty warm but not stuffy. But everyone seems to think we use airconditioning as much as Americans. Don’t get me wrong, we were thrilled to have a van with airconditioning but they kind of overdo it. We even got a little cold from it.

We thought the van was cold but that was before we boarded the executive part of the train. It was just freezing! And I mean freezing, I think it was like 4°C in that train. Laurens forgot to pack his sweater so he got very sick from the trainride… I got so cold after half an hour that I decided to follow Three to the restaurant on board, where he sat down with his guide friends. The restaurant was located after economy class and it was so much warmer there. I stayed there for a couple of hours and then returned to my seat. So thank God, I did this since I didn’t get sick like Laurens did.


But to come back at the view. The train did pass a lot of beautiful rice fields. I also loved how old the train was. They even started riding the train with doors open haha so funny! What also surprised me was the tv in the train. They played Youtube video’s of lifehacks, for 4 hours hahahhaa! I did enjoy some lifehacks. You may have also noticed (on the second picture) that the chairs are movable. You can sit just with two or move it and sit together with 4 like we normally sit in Belgium.

So we arrived in Mojokerto, but this as not our stop. Our driver was waiting for us with our luggage and we continued our trip to Malang. My favorite city and most beautiful hotel garden.

We stayed at the Harris Hotel Malang.

After a lot of sitting I was pretty tired of it and I was not feeling it to walk around for hours to find food. So we stayed at our hotel and swam a couple of hours. Look at that pool and garden. I fell in love with it immediately.

After a good swim and shower we ate at our hotel. They had a really good Italian restaurant, I must say. The bruschetta and pasta was amazing, even in Belgium it would’ve been a really good restaurant.

That night I slept like a rose. The next day we left our hotel and visited the city of Malang. Online I found a neighborhood in the city, more like a slum. But a college student had the idea to color the whole city in rainbow colors and paintings to attract tourists and to change the environment of the neighborhood. Luckily we did have time to squeeze it in our schedule and I loved it. I have always loved street art but this was something. I even smile while looking at the pictures now.

The people that live there don’t see a lot of white people as well and they were so friendly and happy. Every time we passed a house or person they welcomed us. Loved it! If you have a chance to visit Malang, please do visit Kampung Warna Warni (city of colors) they and you will love it!


After the city of colors we walked some more through Malang.

From Malang we drove to the Bromo mountain which I will tell you a lot more about soon!

Love Eva

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