Rain check

Hi guys, as you may remember from my last blogpost, I was very excited for the beach. But boy what a bummer.


We left Bromo in the morning and drove to the east side of the island. On our way we stopped at a random beach. Our first Indonesian beach!! And it was gorgeous. I loved the colorfulness of the beach and all the shells. It got me very excited for our next hotel on the beach.


So it was already dark when we arrived at our next hotel. The hotel was very beautiful but I was still upset from the spider incident. So when we went to our room, Laurens had to check every corner of the room to make sure there were no spiders hahaha! But maybe that wasn’t a good idea… We ran into some gekko’s hahhaha. We both got scared and left the room. We already went to the restaurant to drink something and have appetizers.

When we arrived it also started raining so we did’nt have the chance to see the beach yet. After a sleepless night — yes, because of those d*mn gekko’s — we left early again to visit the Lake Ijen. But boy, what a bummer. Tree arrived with our new jeeps and it was pouring rain! We drove a while to the mountain but when we arrived there was just no way we were going up there. We had rain coats as you can see. But they weren’t gonna keep us dry.


The way up was very slippery and dangerous so we stayed at the foot of the mountain. We had some instant coffee again, by now I loved that coffee. I was even considering buying those bags hahah!


We had been sitting there for more than an hour when we all decided we were going back to the hotel. I was pretty tired of everything by then, so I really just wanted to cross the sea to Bali. Did I tell you yet our hotel was overlooking Bali? Gorgeous Bali!

When our driver woke up we drove to the ferry that took us to Bali. All I can say is, it was very Asian again haha! They just packed the ferry like there was now tomorrow. This was the last thing we saw of the beautiful island of Java and now our relax time could start on Bali.

Next time more about our first stop in Bali: Lovina!

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