Hotspots Rotterdam: Baker’s Dough

Cookie dough, mankind’s favorite dough, is finally for sale in Europe, hoeraay! I remember the days back in Indiana where we would make our own sundae’s and cover them with the sweet goods. In Indiana they even sell cookie dough in school to raise money, like we would sell waffles! They eat it raw (unbaked) and they even decorate it like they do at Cookie do in New York. So you could call cookie dough an American delicacy.

After all these years, the cookie dough trend finally reached Europe. Baker & Moore opened the first cookie dough bar in Holland & Belgium, named Baker’s Dough. Of course I was very excited to try it. So when Laurens and I visited Rotterdam 2 weeks ago, we decided to give it a try.

First of all, I love the interior of the bar. It is so cute and pinteresty. So when you go inside you can either order at the counter what you would like or you can pick one of their suggestions. Because they had so many flavors and choices (and I am horrible at choosing), I tried one of their suggestions. I have forgotten the name but it had red velvet dough, vanilla ice cream, cream cheese, white chocolate & red fruits. It was so good! I chose red velvet because I already tried a lot of regular cookie dough in Indiana. Laurens chose the kids version, of course hahahah. It had a lot of chocolate and Kinder Bueno.


I must say it is very clever of them to have multiple flavors of dough. Now everyone can choose whatever makes their boat float.

If you ever happen to be in Rotterdam, please do visit Baker’s Dough. If you never happen to be in Rotterdam, make sure to go. This city is one of Holland prettiest cities, it has a lot to offer and is definitely my favorite city together with Amsterdam.

Baker’s Dough

Opening hours:

  • Monday – Thursday 11h-18h
  • Friday 11h – 22h
  • Saturday 12h – 22h
  • Sunday 12h – 18h

Address: Pannekoekstraat 82A, 3011 LK Rotterdam, Holland

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