Hotspots Den Bosch: Yoghurt Barn

The moment I read online that they were opening a Yoghurt Barn in Holland I jumped for joy. I can’t start a day without yoghurt so I was very happy to hear I wasn’t the only yoghurt fanatic. Sadly enough the closest Yoghurt Barn was located in en Bosch, which is an hour away from my house.– Recently they opened one in Eindhoven, which is very close to my house so I can’t wait to visit them and order my favorite yoghurt. —

But since I had always been dreaming about the Yoghurt Barn, Laurens brought me to the one in Den Bosch on my 21st Birthday (in 2016). (Yes, I do have the best boyfriend ever!) We had breakfast, which was very delicious and a lot, so since we had so much to eat, we never got to taste their froyo. Luckily we did go back (a lot) and now it is my ultimate go to when I am in Den Bosch.

So the concept of Yoghurt Barn is Yoghurt of course. You can pick a yoghurt: coco, soy, barn yoghurt, low fat, regular … and than you can add toppings. Just like froyo. Which is also an option. They have suggestions, but I guess you can also just pick whatever you like. Our favorite is called the Crazy Cookie, I prefer it with froyo and it has a kiwi, bastogne (cookie), cinnamon sugar and honey topping.

Next to yoghurt the sell delicious juices, coffee and foods. Recently they added toasts to their menu so I am very excited to try them aswell.

Yoghurt Barn Den Bosch

Openings hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 8h30 – 18h
  • Saturday: 9h – 18h
  • Sunday: 10h – 18h

Address:  Orthenstraat 5-7, 5211 SV ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Other locations: Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Den Haag, Neude, Haarlem, Nijmegen, Leiden & Rotterdam



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