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December means Laurens’ Birthday is coming up! To celebrate his 25th birthday I surprised him with a little getaway to Rotterdam, our favorite city. I made a reservation in a special restaurant.

Laurens is really into gin’s, like seriously. He has an app where he saves the ones he has drunken. When we go somewhere he always gets a gin-tonic and we try to find places that have brands we haven’t had before. So I googled “gin-tonic bars Rotterdam” and than Ballroom popped up. Apparently they have 162 gin’s in stock at the moment. That makes them the leader of the biggest collection of gin’s in Europe. The ultimate Walhalla for Laurens. Turns out they don’t only have gins but also pretty damn good food!

For starters we had Vitella Tonato with a gin-tonic. Laurens went for the Uppercut Dry Gin and I got the Bloom gin. For our main dessert we choose salmon and a stew. The flavors were right on top and perfectly balanced. Ofcourse we drank another gin but, I don’t remember which one.

Next to their good food, they also have a great service. When we arrived we were welcomed in by one of their girls. She helped us through the whole evening and helped us out when we were doubting between some gin’s. The were friendly and very helpful, which are values/characteristics that are hard to find in the catering industry lately.

When we’re back in Rotterdam we will for sure go back to Ballroom to enjoy some cocktails and food!

It was pretty dark in the restaurant so my pictures didn’t turn our that well. that’s why I have taken pictures of their Facebook.

Ballroom, Rotterdam

Openings hours:

  • Monday – Thursday: 16h00 – 01h00
  • Friday – Saturday: 16h00 – 02h00
  • Sunday: 16h00 – 01h00

Address: Witte de Withstraat 88b, 3012 BT Rotterdam

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