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Soon (in only 2 weeks) my student time in Antwerp will end. But first I have to pass (preferably) some exams! I always stay in Antwerp during my exams, so that I can relax a bit more and concentrate. Because when I am at home, my cat always distracts me! So here I am. A little tip from me to pass your exams: go to Cremerie Germaine to get some gelato!

The first time I visited Cremerie Germaine (3 years ago) was actually on accident 😉 Laurens and I were walking around in Antwerp North to stretch and get some fresh air. We walked through the Nassaustraat and saw this cute little ice cream shop, we’d never heard of before! We went inside and ordered some chocolate ice cream on a cone. God that was the best ice cream we had ever eaten!! So up till now we still visit them every exam period (and in summer).


Cremerie Germaine is a gelato boutique located in the northern part of Antwerp. Just a 2 minute walk from the MAS. The interior is just so cute and instagram worthy. I would love to have an ice cream shop like that! The service is great, the people that run the shop are so friendly and talkative. Love it.


But their ice cream is really out of this world. Their flavors are so rich and natural. They do have a limited amount of flavors. But trust me, they all taste delicious!

Laurens and my recommendation is the pistache! You have never tasted a better version, trust us!

ps: they have also started doing afternoon tea! So I think you should definitely pay them a visit!

Cremerie Germaine

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