Hotspots Antwerpen: Bavet

Last week my friend and I celebrated our last day in college! We had a lot to catch up on (even though we’re in the same class haha) so we decided to have dinner together. We both wanted to go to Bavet for a long time and that day was finally the day!


Bavet is specialised in Spaghetti aka my favorite food in the world. But what excites me more was that they offer BIBS (Bavet in Dutch) And ofcourse I had to wear one. I always spill on myself and now I could protect myself. But unfortenately…. I still spilled on my skirt. I am so clumsy!

But more about the food. They serve different kinds of spaghetti. But you can also create your own! So that’s pretty cool, right? You can choose the pasta, cheese, toppings and so on.

I was actually very surprised. The spaghetti I had might have even been better than my mothers’. But ssh, don’t tell her 😉

Bavet Nationalestraat

Address: Nationalestraat 102, 2000 Antwerpen

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Fri: 11h30 – 14h00 and 17h30 – 22h00
  • Sat: 12h00 – 22h00
  • Sun: close

Other locations

  • Ghent: Verlorenkost + Muinkaai
  • Leuven: Tiensestraat
  • Brussels: Place St. Cathérine
  • Antwerpen: MAS

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