Dutch proverbs in English

Today is the day I moved into my little room in Amstelveen, Amsterdam. After my parents left, I tried to decorate my room to make it a bit cosier. Is it just me or does anyone else need to have some candles, lights pillows and blankets in the room/house to feel at home? I just can’t live without. To make my room complete I brought my letter board.

A fresh start means a new quote! So I started scrolling through my Pinterest and found the funniest quote ever. “Make that the cat wise”. It is a dutch proverb translated into English and God it makes me laugh! So this quote gave me the idea to bundle a bunch of dutch proverbs and their literal translations. I assure you, you will laugh your *** off!

  • It rains steel pipes.
  • I fell with the door in the house.
  • There is nothing on the hand.
  • I shall let them smell a poopy.


  • I don’t trust you for a meter.
  • Unfortunately peanut butter.
  • There is not a ball on tv.
  • It walks in the soup.
  • And than the monkey comes out of the sleeve.


  • When one sheep is over the dam, the others follow.
  • Give him from cotton.
  • Go your gang.
  • I have a walking nose.


  • I sometimes walk too hard from staple.
  • I will keep an eye in the sail.
  • Sand over it.
  • I will see it through the fingers.


  • There is work to the shop!
  • I stick you a heart under the belt.
  • I’m monkey proud of you.
  • Life is a party, but you must self the slingers uphanging.
  • I believe there no bag from!

I hope you will laugh as hard as I did while writing this hahaha

If you happen to know more funny proverbs, leave them in a comment!

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