Slowly, but surely Eva fell in love with A’dam

— Yes, I have been waiting forever to write that haha.

My first week in Amsterdam has been crazy. Last week I arrived in Amsterdam. On Sunday I planned to go to the city center, but it was too cold! So I decided to stay inside to prepare for my first work week and made it a movie afternoon/night. My first workweek (internship) was exhausting but so much fun! I really like the company I work at. The people are very warm and welcoming. That made my first workweek (ever) much easier.

But my week was also crazy, like I said earlier. My lower back was really killing me and I had to see a doctor. From now on you will find me twice a week in the gym exercising with my physiotherapist.

This weekend my baby came to visit me. I hadn’t seen him in more than a week, so it was much needed. Yesterday we went shopping in Amstelveen. I actually brought a lot of dresses and skirts to Amsterdam, but it is too cold to wear on my Vespa. So I bought some new jeans. We ended the evening watching Temptation island in bed with some dutch ‘Worstenbroodjes’. Perfect night, right?

Today I wanted to go to Amsterdam city. I didn’t go there this week and I really wanted to get some coffee and walk through the canals. We were really stupid and decided to drive there…Tip: please take the public transport. Driving through Amsterdam is nerve wrecking.

But once we reached the Bijenkorf we forgot the nerve wrecking car ride. Laurens and I love shopping way too much. My bag tore this week, so that was a good reason to buy a new one 😉 I bought a pretty Longchamp bag and Laurens also bought a sweater. By the way, the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam is the prettiest branch we’ve ever seen. It is shopping heaven!

After the shopping we walked through Amsterdam and I think we both enjoyed it. I just love how pretty Amsterdam is. Every street has it’s own beauty and I immediately fell in love. We can’t wait to go back soon and discover the little streets some more.

We planned some trips for the upcoming weeks. Next weekend I will go home again to go see another doctor. The week after Laurens and I are going to Den Haag for a night, my best friend will also pay me a visit and in March Laurens and I will go to Nieuwpoort for the weekend. Exciting!

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