Hotspots Amsterdam: De Drie Graefjes

The first red velvet cake I ate was at De Drie Graefjes: American Bakery. I read a lot of good things about them online and decided to pay them a visit while my American family visited me. We went on a day trip to Amsterdam and got hungry after all the sightseeing. So we went inside and ordered some sandwiches. After that we had a little room left so we ordered a red velvet cupcake. Even my American family thought it was a very good cupcake! Now every time we visit Amsterdam we go for a piece of cake or a little cupcake.

De Drie Graefjes have 4 locations in Amsterdam. Besides cake they also sell the best sandwiches and panini’s ever. But they’re most known for their kick-ass red velvet cake!

The sun was shining today, so I strolled around in Amsterdam. I was walking to the tram station, when suddenly I saw that I walked past De Drie Graefjes. I couldn’t bear walking away so I went inside and ordered a piece of cake to go! Jummie!


red veltvet cake

De Drie Graefjes


Opening hours: everyday 09.00-18.00

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