Ami and Eva take Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago, 2 to be exact, my best friend came to visit me in Amsterdam. We have been friends for 8 years now and used to travel together all the time from New York to Texel. I think it was nice to discover the city of sin together as well. We visited a lot of hotspots, spotted a couple unique boutiques and stores and scratched something off of our bucket list! It definitely was a weekend to remember and look back at with a smile on our faces. 

Amrdip arrived on Friday evening, so I picked her up at the Amstelstation after work. It was already 10 pm when we got to my room, so we streamed YouTube videos on TV while eating pizza and catching up. We live an hour apart from each other in Belgium and also study in different cities, so we don’t get to see each other often and had a lot to talk about. It always amazes us how we maintain to be this close while we only see each other maybe 4 times a year. But we know we’ll always have each others back! I think we talked until 2-3 am haha. Even when we were younger we could stay up forever to talk. We would tell each other: sweet dreams and 5 minutes later we would start chatting again- to the annoyance of our roommates on vacations.

The next morning we both woke up a bit tired but we were ready to start the day! I did not only do my make-up and hair, but I also did Ami’s. It was so much fun, although I am not very good at it, we still managed to looked decent haha. Right before we went to bed, we saw that there were ice skaters on the canals of Amsterdam, which is not very usual here. But when we woke up the sun was shining and our hopes to ice skate on the Prinsengracht were gone. So we planned to have breakfast / lunch at Pluk. Pluk is located on the corner of the Prinsengracht and when we walked to our first hotspot we saw people ice skating on the canals again – yaay. We immediately went on the ice and enjoyed the beautiful view of Amsterdam from the canal. The ice was actually really thick, which surprised us. We took some pictures and skated from one bridge to another. We very much enjoyed our pancakes after the hour of ice skating. Find out more about Pluk in my next article!

Pluk Pancakes

After lunch we just strolled around in the smallest streets of Amsterdam, looking for unique stores. We did find some really cute ones, which I will also write an article about when I find more stores. You can think off: Anna+Nina, Lucies Amsterdam, …

Pluk Amsterdam


It was so extremely cold that weekend, I think the feeling temperature was around – 18°C. So after all the walking we went to Coffee Company in Amsterdam East. We made reservations at the popular Italian restaurant: Impero Romano at 6 pm so we had a few hours to kill at Coffee Company. We looked at pictures and talked some more over a hot tea, the people that know us together know that we’re very talkative together haha. Around 5.45 pm we put on our thickest jackets and walked to Impero Romano. The restaurant was so beautiful and food was heavenly. I will definitely write more about them soon. The pasta was very filling so we didn’t even take dessert. We walked straight home to have a movie night. But… the movie night turned into Temptation island night haha. We watched to latest episode together and after that we started the movie.

coffe company

impero romano

That night we both slept very good and got ready for our last day together. The visit had been so much fun and I can’t wait for her to come back soon 🙂 — so please Ami, come again! — We had plans for teatime so we wanted to eat something ‘light’, we looked up some places to eat on Instagram and ended up at Metropolitain/ Café de Paris. We both took an avocado bagel, which wasn’t very light after all ahha, but it was delicious!

sunday brunch

After lunch we did a little shopping – yes again, we’re very shopaholic, but we know it. During our shopping spree, we passed the W hotel. I, as an hospitality minor, wanted to see the hotel very badly. I told Ami about the rooftop and a woman in front of us heard it. She invited us in and showed us around. She even took pictures of us. So thank you to the very friendly lady! The rooftop bar is beautiful and I will go back to drink a nice cocktail with the prettiest view of Amsterdam!




Fully bagged we made our way to the famous neighborhood the Pijp. I had made a reservation at Café Blond for Ami’s birthday. At Café Blond we enjoyed a very nice, delicious high tea! We are both fan of the tableware so it was very cool to see the café. I very much recommend it! The high tea was very filling as well. We couldn’t even finish it, but we did eat one piece of everything. After the high tea it was time for Ami to go back to Belgium! We had a very fun weekend and I know/hope she’ll be here again soon.

cafe blond



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