5 tips for Long Distance Relationships

It has been little over a month since I took my bags and moved to Amsterdam for my internship. I work here 5 days a week and stay here most of the weekends. This makes my relationship with Laurens a long distance relationship. We never really thought about me not going abroad. We both know that I love going abroad and I believe it is not only good for me but also for our relationship. We have been together for a while now and after I graduate school in June, we will probably move in together. So these months are kind of a little test for us. So far it has been going really good actually – knock on wood. We thought it would be way harder, but we manage to stay in touch everyday and to keep the love growing. Are you also facing a LDR? Let me give you some tips to survive!

One moment a day

Try to have a certain moment a day to talk to each other. Maybe it is only for 5 minutes, maybe it is an hour. You should always try to keep contact everyday. Laurens and I  talk to each other every morning when I get up. He is already in his car driving to work. So that’s when we have a couple of minutes to talk to each other. I love how we do this every morning. It makes me very happy to start my day like this. In the evening we are both tired of have things planned, so that’s why the morning is our moment.

Skype whenever you need it

Skype is the must-have when you have a LDR. Who survives without it?! Every once in a while it can be good for you to see one another. Skype was invented before we had Facebook video chat or even Whats-app video chat. I think Facebook video chat is the best because the connection is much better and you hear each other much clearer. We actually don’t Skype very often. We both have plans in the evening, like I go see a physiotherapist every week and go to the gym twice a week. This makes it hard for us to Skype. But I think we enjoy the texting and our moment every morning more than we would enjoy the skyping.

Meet up every now and then

We don’t live very far from each other at the moment. Amsterdam is only 2,5 hours away from where he lives, so we have the opportunity to see each other every 2 to 3 weeks. I think this is necessary to do, when you have the chance to meet up. You can see each other again, give a hug and properly talk. Skype isn’t always very fun. You can’t give hugs or sometimes you can’t even see each other because of the bad connection. I always seem to have a good connection, up to when I want to start skyping haha.. So if you have the possibility to go see each other: use it! But watch out, I always tend to miss him more when I have seen him. So it can also be bad for you when you see each other too often.

Have a little faith

The major thing for a relationship to succeed is faith. You just have to trust your partner in his life. If you can’t trust him, you’re relationship is not healthy. After my previous relationship I started to look at it like a test. I fully trust Laurens, but when I notice something I don’t like, I will react immediately. These months apart are just a test to see if you’re right together. If you’re relationship doesn’t last, you should see it as a present. A present from you to you. If you didn’t try this, you would maybe still be together with the person that is not right for you. If he/she is the right one, you’ll make it through for sure.

Open communication

Try to talk to each other about as much as you can. When you know what you’re partner is doing, you will respect it a little more. You might think he/she just doesn’t want to talk to you, when he/she is actually doing something for work and doesn’t want to be interrupted. So keep each other updated about your (social) lifes and plannings. This way you can also find a moment together where you can talk to each other and share your day.

I hope these tips will help you and your partner to grow in your relationship and hell you survive the months apart!

If you have other tips for LDR, let us know in the comments! I am very curious!

You also might have noticed that I got myself a logo!! I would love to thank Reira for making this for me. She first drew it herself and then vectorized it for me. It is so me and I am in love with it. Thanks girl!

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