Hotspot The Hague: Donuts&Co

The Hague is one of the many pretty cities in The Netherlands. Laurens and I got a chance to visit this city a couple of weeks ago and discovered a lot of hotspots actually. I never knew The Hague was this trendy –  ‘hip’ as we say in Dutch. But apparently it is. When we walked through the small streets of The Hague in the morning, we discovered this dime. The first donuts-shop in The Hague. They were actually open on a Sunday so that deserves a big bonus point! 


Donuts&Co is located close to Plaats and the most popular shopping street: Hoogstraat. The shop daily serves freshly made donuts made from biological ingredients. When you walk into the store, you see a couple of seating spaces, where you can enjoy your donut. The interior is very trendy and a bit minimalistic, which I like a lot. When we walked in, they were still making the fresh donuts, and it was very interesting to see how they ice their donuts. I love seeing them do it in the store, when you visit a donut store in Antwerp, like Donuttello, you don’t see them making their donuts. I think it is very good for their business. People see the donuts are freshly made, which gives them more reliance.


The donuts don’t only look delicious, they are delicious! We tried the matcha, white chocolate with pistachio one and it was heavenly. We only ordered one for the two of us, because the donuts are quite big! Laurens thought it was the best donut he had ever eaten, it also wasn’t as greasy as some donuts are. This one was perfect actually.


At Donuts&Co they don’t only sell the basic donuts you can get anywhere. They really go and try different flavors like the matcha one of mocha custard creme with white chocolate on top. How can you resist when you hear the flavor? That’s right, you can’t!

This hotspots is approved!


Address: Papestraat 10, Den Haag


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