Accor travel magazine

Full frontal in the Accor travel magazine!

As you might know I am currently doing my internship to graduate. When we first had to pick an internship I wasn’t really sure which one to choose. What I did know was that I wanted to do something online, I didn’t want to do something practical like serving in a restaurant or cleaning hotel rooms. So after talking to my marketing teacher, I found out I wanted to intern at AccorHotels.

Now almost one year later, I am doing my internship with them. Like I said before, I am in charge of the online content. That means I write offer pages, newsletters, ecards and I also translate pages that come in from the central office in Paris. Besides all this, I get the opportunity to write articles for the online travel magazine. The articles are in Dutch, so I know not everyone will be able to read them. But here are the links if you are interested in reading them!

Also, yes my face is full frontal on the homepage of the magazine hahah!

Accor reismagazine

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