Hello, grown up life!

So much has changed since my last post! I did not only move from Amsterdam to Belgium again, I also left my parents’ house to live with my boyfriend. In the middle of June Laurens and I moved in together and it has been going so good. We managed to find the perfect apartment in the fruit region (during my stay in Amsterdam, which was a bit stressful haha) and after 3 months of waiting for our couch, our home is finally finished! 🙂

Also did I finally graduate from college. 3 years full of joy but also tears have come to an end. Which means I am ‘totally’ grown up haha! I now have to pay my own bills, insurance, gas for my car… That’s right… I also have a car!!

A lot of great things are coming for us and I can’t wait to share it all with you! I also will be sharing more hotspots since I moved to the other side of the province!


Talk to you soon!

Love, Eva

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