Top 5 hotspots in Genk

Genk is probably my favorite city of Limburg. It is a very cultural, fun and urban city. You can find almost any culture in the vibrant streets of Genk, from Italian to Indian and Moroccan. This means the city also has a lot of greats hotspots to offer. Think about the best Italian pizza you can find in Belgium, the prettiest cocktail bars which make you believe in magic and the best croque monsieurs you have ever tried. Here are my top 5 hotspots in Genk:

Casa Paglia La Bottega Del Gusto

When Laurens and I just got together his sister took us to Casa Paglia. We are all very big fans of Italian food. When you ask us what we want for dinner we will always answer pasta or pizza. So that one night she took us to this Italian restaurant in the famous Vennestraat. The Vennestraat is THE place to eat Italian food in Genk! So make sure you visit these restaurants. Now back to Casa Paglia. If you love real Italian crunchy pizza and aldente pasta. You’re in for a treat at Casa Paglia!

La Posta

This is the sister restaurant of Casa Paglia. Also known for their Italian food. I am not sure about the difference between the two restaurants. But I can tell you that the food is absolutely delicious. Probably the best Italian you’ll ever eat.


An old friend of mine first introduced me to the Wonderbar madness a couple of years ago and by now everyone in Genk knows the Wonderbar. It is a place to relax, sit back and enjoy a delicious cocktail. The bar has an Alice in Wonderland vibe and has a lot of cozy seatings. Drink the night away!

Roots Bar

Across from the Wonderbar you can find another bar as well: Roots. This bar is more minimalistic but the cocktails are to die for. My favorite:  The pink Margarita! — anything with Tequila really…


This hotspot gives a twist to a typical Belgian meal. If you wanna try the old fashioned croque monsieur in a different way, you must visit the Krok bar in Genk. They grill all kinds of sandwiches and even sell a good avocado toast! What else could you want?

If you enjoy great food, mouthwatering cocktails and urban life… You’ll love Genk!

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