Hotspots Amsterdam: Pluk

The award for the prettiest smoothie bowl ever goes to…. *drum roll* Pluk Amsterdam!

As you can already see on the pictures Pluk sells the famous unicorn bowl of Amsterdam and of course I had to pay them a visit.

If you want to lunch or have breakfast at Pluk, be sure to take the time. It is always very crowded and sometimes you have to wait half an hour to get a table. But I can tell you it is worth it. Look at these mouthwatering cakes, croissants and muffins!

What I maybe like the most about their store is that they sell the prettiest decorations. So if you do want to buy an Amsterdam souvenir, buy them here instead of the ugly souvenir shops 😉

Amrdip and I were pretty hungry when we reached Pluk, so we ordered pancakes and the unicorn bowl. The perfect combo! Overall I must say the food is very good, the pancakes were warm, sweet and the fruit perfectly matched the pancake flavors. The only thing I don’t like about Pluk is that it is very – like really – small inside. You almost sit on top of each other and when they seat you in the back, there’s no way out haha! If you are claustrophobic it is definitely a no go, if you’re not: go see it for yourself and if you don’t mind order the pancakes!

This hotspot in located in the authentic ‘9 straatjes’ which are known for the nice boutiques and delicious restaurants: Reestraat 19, 1016 DM Amsterdam



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