About me

Hello my friends!

My name is Eva and I am a 23 years old girl who trade her small town for the big city. Meanwhile I have been living in Antwerp for almost 3 years now, where I feel very much at home. I  study hospitality management and I only have a couple of weeks of school left  -hoeraay. For years I have been interested in bloggers and vloggers, after a lot of doubting I decided to start my own blog. I love the world and traveling around, seeing new cultures and places. Further I love shopping and social media. My boyfriend says the last one is more an addiction, whatever 😉 You can recognize me by my camera, because I never leave my house without it. If you are interested in traveling and a lot of hotspots, you’re at the right address!

Give me a follow (@evaverona) and stay updated about my upcoming adventures!

Love, Eva